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Each of us is here to offer our own sacred story. To learn from each other's gifts and experiences and to become our best and most enlightened selves.

We invite yoU to deepen and develop your personal wisdom. Learn from our Mystics, Sages, and Thought Leaders and allow your highest potential to emerge. Our hands-on, heart-opening, mind-blowing classes are like taking a personal retreat with your favorite teachers.

Awaken and Transform with Flower, Mushroom, Crystal, and Butterfly Essences

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Be introduced to the Light language of the earth and existence itself. Explore and experience the subtle realms and spiritual essences of the flowers, mushrooms, birds, crystals, and butterflies.

~Awaken your potential and your individual ray of light with Diamond Age Flower Essences.
~Transcend your inner shadow and light with Transcendental Mushroom, Crystal, and Bird Essences.
~Transform the old restrictive energy skin of homo sapiens and reveal your luminous nature with Butterfly Spirit Essences.

The course is energetic and can be experienced with and without the physical essences.

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“A magical culmination and enriching study of the Divine Feminine! Tricia is an extremely gifted teacher and deeply knowledgeable about the history and lineage of the Divine Feminine, and puts an astounding amount of information into a format that is very easy to follow and understand.

Tricia is now at the top of my 'study' list due to her in-depth expertise, and I look forward to future studies with her.”

Mary Magdalene and the Return of the Goddess

Dharma Richards

“Completing this workshop released grief and baggage during a desperate time for me. It was so transforming that I ended up thanking the cause of my grief for leading me to the teachings.

If you feel things deeply and need to release the pain, this workshop can give you the tools to find your peace.”

Healing Grief with Kundalini Yoga

Julie Hilsen

“Steven has walked this path for years and much of his work has informed my own walk. He has earned the honour of leading others on the path.

The course is rich with wisdom. There is much to learn about shamanism and Steven has imparted key kernels of wisdom that allow anyone interested in this path to begin. ”

The Path of the Shaman

Daniel Harrison

We Are All Seekers

While our paths may look different