Our Why

Sacred U, the online learning division of Sacred Stories provides opportunities for everyone to deepen into the Mystery of their soul through knowledge based and experiential courses.

A core tenet we live by is that each of us is an eternal soul on a personal and parallel Collective journey to a greater expansion of Consciousness. 

We believe the journey of our soul is to gain wisdom through study and experiences. We do not believe in learning 'lessons' (crazy from a school right?!), rather through the deepening of our wisdom we undergo a process of self-actualization into our sacred Self. 

And that's when things start to get really fun! Deepening into the Mystery of our soul gives us a framework to live our life from a place of peace and joy and then share our wisdom gained in a positive and meaningful way.

We invite you join us and deepen into the Mystery. As our founder Ariel Patricia so eloquently says “Our small self thinks 'I have lessons to learn.' Our sacred Self knows 'I have wisdom to gain.' There is a difference."

Your Sacred U Team