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Are you ready to renew your sacred alliance with Nature?

Come together with the natural realm and connect with the plants, animals, rocks, and elements. Calibrate your energy field to the Life Force Energy of the natural world and manifest abundance by calling on the Animal & Nature Realms. Go further and learn how the ancient earth wisdom of shamans can benefit you in your everyday life with this special three course bundle with Nature Intuitive Ana Maria Vasquez! 

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LIVE Group Session with
Q&A/Intuitive Energy Readings
featuring Ana Maria

Wednesday, March 17th
1pm Los Angeles/2pm Denver/3pm Chicago/4pm New York/9pm London

Connect, Feel, and Receive the Wisdom of Nature

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Amplify Your Intuitive Abilities

Come together with the natural realm through your energy channels of hearing, seeing feeling and knowing, and a special opportunity to use your lesser used channels of taste, smell, and dream time!

Ancient Earth Energy Wisdom

Apply in Your Life

Experience ceremonies, rituals, and shamanic journeys that you can incorporate into your daily life. Consciously connect with your ancestors and learn more about our spiritual connection to the animals and the natural realm.

Nature Has Messages For You

Learn how Nature communicates with you! Collaborate with Plants, Rocks, Landscapes, the 4 Elements and the 4 Directions.

Ana Maria Vasquez

Meet Your Instructor

Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive, has been an educator, trainer & coach for more than 20 years in various areas of personal transformation. She is a natural energy reader, an interpreter of sorts, and she lifts the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it.

Ana Maria has a profound connection with nature & animals and specializes in working with them because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that on our own we wouldn’t do.

Ana Maria Vasquez

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Renew Your Relationship with Nature

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