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Journey into the fascinating histories and archetypal energies of Ten Goddesses Who Can Heal our World

From the Cosmic Goddesses of Tara and Sophia to Celtic Brigid, Egyptian Isis, Greek Artemis and Athena, Chinese Quan Yin, Native American White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, we discover some of the many faces of the Sacred Feminine who can help us heal our world.

Tricia McCannon is a mystic and a scholar, and she has done the work for you of compiling years of research of the ancient texts, legends, hermetic symbolism, and her own experiences to tell the real story of our beloved Goddesses. 

The Sacred Ten

  • Explore the cultures and history of these profound Wisdom Teachers

  • Visit their many temples and sanctuaries found around the world

  • Embody the powerful archetypal energies of the Goddesses

  • Understand why these aspects of the Divine Feminine are needed in our world today

  • Receive the gifts of wisdom and teachings each Goddess offers us

  • Learn how reclaiming these gifts can heal and bring our planet back into balance

Archetypal Energies to Heal Our World

As we look around the globe it is clear that our world needs healing. We all need to find a way to bring greater balance into our world and to remind us of the deeper values embodied in the eternal wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. 

We invite you to take a journey into the remembrance of the Sacred Mother and the various aspects of the Divine Feminine that have been so frequently maligned for the last 3000 years. In doing so, you will discover ancient beings of wisdom, majesty, and power. 

These Ten Goddesses bring us much needed lessons as profound spiritual Masters. Whether we consider them to be historical figures or Cosmic Archetypes, even today they act as Way Showers to a better world. Their messages ring out through the centuries, reaching out to us even now to minister to mankind.

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In this is beautiful, entertaining course, we make a journey into the cultures and histories of TEN GODDESSES WHO CAN HEAL OUR WORLD.

From the Celtic Brigid to the Egyptian Isis, the Greek Artemis to the Chinese Quan Yin, from the miraculous appearances of Mother Mary to the hidden history of Mary Magdalene, we discover some of the many faces of the Sacred Feminine who can help us heal our world.



From Celtic times the Goddess Brigid or Saint Bridgett emerges from ancient legends. As a Triple goddess she brought the Fires of Illumination to Ireland, teaching music, dance, healing, and smithy work.

Her spiritual center in Kildare, Ireland, in fact endured into the 1500’s, and even today there is a Cathedral dedicated to her in this location. From Sacred Springs to Holy Fires, Brigid’s sanctuaries still dot the land, and thousands of patrons still grace her altars every year.

Artemis / Diana


Honored throughout the Mediterranean in both Greek and Roman cultures, Artemis the Huntress was also known as Diana. The Temple of Diana in Ephesus, Turkey was one of the most magnificent temples in existence and is among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Artemis was a Virgin who chose to remain unmarried so that she could make her own choices for her life. She became the great protector of the forest, and of animals and the stag was her favorite animal. She also became the protector of other women who did not choose to get married, and who wished to control their own destinies. Artemis/Diana embodies the powerful principles of independence, courage and sovereignty that allow each individual to choose the direction of their own life.

Quan Yin


The worship of Quan Yin originated in China, but the depth of her wisdom, love and compassion n has now traveled into many countries around the world. Said to be born from the tears of the great Avatar Avalokitesvara, whose compassion for humanity’s suffering was so great, Quan Yin was the feminine incarnation of this great sage.

With shrines in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Bali, Korea, China, Indonesia, America and dozens of other countries, this aspect of the Divine Mother brings us powerful lessons about the importance of embracing love and forgiveness to reach enlightenment.

White Buffalo Calf Woman


This Native American Goddess is said to have come down to Earth from the Pleiades Nebula to be a teacher of mankind. Once here, she taught the Seven Sacred Rites given to the Sioux Nation which teach right thought, right action and right living.

Her fundamental teachings of balance on the Medicine Wheel of Life allow each of us as a person to begin to find our place in the bigger pattern of life, and to embrace how that understanding will allow us to heal and sustain our world.

Athena / Minerva


Known as Pallas Athena throughout most of the ancient world, Athena is one of the few Goddesses who have remained with us in modern cultures today. She is a Triple Goddess, meaning that she embodies multiple aspects of the Sacred Feminine. She is an educator, a liberator, a warrior and the embodiment of democracy.

Athena’s dedication to truth and justice is as important to us today as it was 3000 years ago, and statues to her can be found in England, France, Austria and America. She stands as the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor, welcoming citizens to her shores, and reminding us to defend our principles of justice, truth, wisdom and freedom that are as imperative for us to sustain today as they were three centuries ago.

Mary the Mother


World renowned as the Holy Mother of Jesus or the Madonna, no presentation of the Sacred Feminine would be complete without including Mother Mary. For 1800 years, she has been one of the only faces of the Divine Feminine available to the Western world, and there are many beautiful holy places dedicated to her.

In this presentation we take a look at some of her 250 miraculous appearances in places like Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugoria, and others. As the Mother of Roses, Mary brings us messages of peace, prayer, devotion and inner listening, for she seeks to calm the tumultuous spirit of mankind that so often leads to war.

Mary Magdalene


Maligned by the patriarchal fathers of the Catholic Church for nearly 1500 years, the story of Mary Magdalene’s true importance is just beginning to emerge into the world. With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gospel of Philip, scholars now know that Mary Magdalene was the wife and companion of Jesus, as well as the “Apostle of Apostles.”

Furthermore the discovery of her lost teachings known as the Way of the Chalice are central to the most profound Mysteries of all times, including the Quest for the Holy Grail. Discover the secrets about who she really was and why it is now imperative to bring her wisdom out from the shadows.



Tara is a Cosmic Goddess of the highest level, and has come down to us through the ancient teachings of the Puranas and Vedas. Known as the Mahadiva or “Great Mother”, Tara reveals herself with many aspects, all of which embody aspects of creation itself: Green Tara, White Tara, Black Tara, and Red Tara.

In this riveting journey of discovery we learn how the Goddess Tara became the conduit of creation that allowed the male Gods to operate, and how she is integral to the very creation and transformation of the Universe.



Sophia is honored in both the ancient Greek and Hebrew cultures, for she is the Goddess of Wisdom who oversees everything. She is the “Pearl of Great Price” sought by mystics and Masters, and written about in the Song of Songs by King Solomon. Her name lies at the heart of all philosophy, which means “a lover of the Goddess Sophia.”

In this beautiful presentation we learn her secret legend and how an aspect of Sophia comes to Earth from age to age, hoping to free humanity from the shackles of division and fear. We also learn how Sophia is linked to the many incarnations of the Goddess herself that we have been exploring.



Isis is the “I AM” principle of the Divine Mother Herself. During her tumultuous and very famous life Isis came to embody every aspect of what it is to be a woman. She was a daughter, a wife, a sister, a queen, a widow, a refugee, a mother, a healer and a savior, not only for her family, but for all of Egypt itself.

Because of her great love of mankind, there have been hundreds of temples built to her for thousands of years. And it is in this very real and human part of her nature, that each of us we can find ourselves today as we stand with courage, honor, and purpose to live our own lives in this world.

All course materials are downloadable and yours to keep forever, allowing you to deepen your connection with these powerful Spiritual Teachers and utilize their wisdom throughout your life.

Oracle of Delphi

Athena Temple Ruins at the

Tricia McCannon

Meet Your Instructor

Tricia McCannon is an American mystic and best-selling author of four books including Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years and the Ancient Mystery Religions and Return of the Divine Sophia: Healing the Earth Through the Lost Wisdom Teachings of  Jesus, Isis, and Mary Magdalene. As a Keynote Speaker, she speaks on a variety of subjects to include Awakening the Divine Feminine, the Egyptian Mysteries, and the Lost Years and Secret Teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Tricia is the Director of the Phoenix Fire Mystery School, the Founder of the Gnosis Learning Institute, and a Bishop in the Madonna Ministries. Trained as an initiate in many ancient streams of wisdom, including the Celtic, Egyptian, Far Eastern, and Native American traditions, she brings the Mysteries of Shamanic mastery into simple, accessible terms.

Raised in a traditional Episcopalian home, Tricia blends the wider perspectives of history, mysticism, science, archaeology, and spirituality with her own unique warmth and wisdom, making her a powerful bridge teacher for thousands worldwide. Visit to learn more.

Tricia McCannon


“White Buffalo Calf Woman taught the Seven Sacred Rites given to the Sioux Nation which teach right thought, right action and right living.”

White Buffalo Calf Woman

“Tara became the conduit of creation that allowed the male Gods to operate. She is integral to the very creation and transformation of the Universe.”


“Artemis embodies the powerful principles of independence, courage, and sovereignty that allow each individual to choose the direction of their own life.”


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“I loved this class! Thank you!!!! Tricia is such a rich a beautiful teacher!”

“I loved this class! Thank you!!!! Tricia is such a rich a beautiful teacher!”

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