Sacred Sites and Ceremonies Online Conference

Co-hosted by Sacred Stories and Portal to Ascension

Join us live on 12/12/2020 for an unprecedented online conference experience!

The Sacred Sites and Ceremonies Conference will offer ancient insight and wisdom, as well as tap into the energy fields of planet Earth. There will be six presentations on sacred sites filled with ancient legend and eight sacred ceremonies to anchor and activate the energies.

We begin at the epicenter of our earth, Timbavati, South Africa, home of the White Lions and where legend tells the place where the star lions came down. Next, we will anchor the goddess energies honoring goddesses from the four corners of our earth. Continue with us to explore the sacred Egyptian mysteries of the Tree of Life. Teotihuacan, the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico where humans became gods is next. Travel to Lake Mungo, Australia home of the oldest living culture on earth. Complete our world tour at the Temples of Humankind in Damanhur, Italy where four synchronic energy lines intersect and travel out through our Sun to connect us with the Universe.

Experience these cultures and energies with eight indigenous ceremonies designed to align and activate the Earth's Grid and ley lines with reverence for the antiquity of humanity and our collective story.

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