Meet Deborah K. Bates

As an acclaimed author and poet, Deborah also focuses her energies as a harpist and singer and on Music of the Plants. Her artistic practice hinges upon reflection, sacred practices such as meditation and shamanism, exploration of sacred sites throughout the world, researching sacred texts and sacred sounds, and immersion into various cultures. This has seen her perform and speak in France, New Orleans, Norfolk Island and Australia.

The music Deborah creates incorporates ancient symbols, vibrational healing, and energetic frequencies, the cornerstone of which, is the power of alchemy, ascension cycles, how to elevate personal energies, sacred activation points in the body, sacred spaces within – towards forging a gateway of spiritual transformation. Travelling the world, she visited a number of sacred sites, stones and circles, becoming increasingly fascinated with sound-wave energy and the use of sounds or healing and wellbeing. That sparked an interest to switch her music focus to sacred sounds, mantras, specific intervals and chords and save waves that evoke specific states of being – for healing and wellbeing.

The harp is unique in that, each of the harp strings resonate with every cell in the body and the resonance from the strings, including the range of pitch and tonal color, set up an important relationship between the sound and the recipient. The sound frequencies directly connect with the human body, and as this communication occurs, harmony and a healthy resonance are restored in the body.

Deborah K. Bates