Meet Irina Morrison

Irina has a deep seeded passion for yoga and runs regular weekly sessions, assisting people from all walks of life to improve their well-being and discover the essence of yoga. Her caring nature and service to her students and community is true embodiment of yoga; she can easily find the balance between physical and spiritual to give an understanding of what it means to be human today and to be human together. Creating nurturing environment, Irina leads students onto a profound journey of discovery of their bodies, minds and hearts.

Irina is also involved with the work of UNITY EARTH, a global network on a mission to accelerate the realisation of unity and peace on Earth. Inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions and born out of the desire to meet global-sized challenges with global-sized solutions, UNITY EARTH network is built to amplify the reach and impact of peace-aligned organizations and individuals.

As a Co-founder of Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions, a new venture with a commitment to creating next-level experiences in powerful sacred places that will help people to make further leaps in their spiritual awakening and development; Irina is committed to delivering and facilitating extraordinary vacations from normal routines which will upgrade one’s spirit, soul, body, and mind. When not travelling, Irina and her co-founding partners are taking people on inner journeys of awakening via online courses.

Irina Morrison